Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Learning Creole

Creole is like a slang French that is mostly spoken in Haiti. The educated in Haiti speak in French so if your children have had any school then they may speak some French as well. I thought I would post some tips about learning enough Creole to at least communicate a bit with your children. I wish I had started this sooner (especially since we are adopting older children). One of our favorite books/cd for learning Creole is "On Almost Even ground". The book gives wonderful words and phrases that is writen for English speaking parents adopting creole speaking children. One thing we wish this book gave was more examples of how to pronounce the words- it does come with the cd so you can hear the words being said. We also got a English/Creole dictionary that has been very helpful. We have made our own flash cards with a combination of resources. Some of these resources we found online and I will share:

Creole for Moms and Dads- www.natesmith.web1000.com

Creole Lesson 1- http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/oOb2RX2DB8i8a46xAzfgs5N5kBoV6BnjK5ROfuuPccHVqNQXW1lMoZAEJsIF1SUWrjCQtN9Tk9vZUDkxHNplPvlsqbUWiRumJvhpGpsuA9EZlw/Creole%20Lessons/CREOLE%20LESSON%20#1.doc

Creole Lesson 2-

Creole Lesson 3-

Just for fun:

If you want to see our insane family attempt to make a message video in Creole to our children still in Haiti while our bio children go wild:

go to my blog at www.makefunof yourday.blogspot.com on March 13th, 2007 post. It will give you a link to our video's on youtube and the English translation. Or to just access the video's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnsh3MfXqpw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmu7zVSN6G8

I'll include more resources as I come across them!

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