Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Current Step by Step process

Okay friends...I'm hesitant to post this as I often struggle to understand each step myself and it does not help that Haiti is constantly changing it's mind about how adoptions will be handled and each persons different ways of locating their child and different orphanages may vary just a bit. However, hopefully this can be a general guideline to help give someone just starting out an idea of what the process currently is:

Step 1: Gathering your dossier and sending it off to Haiti
Step 2: Make your request or receive your referral for your child or children
Step 3: Orphanage puts together dossier for your child or children
Step 4: Your dossiers go to 1st legal courts (usually a quick process)
Step 5: Your dossier is submitted to IBESR (current wait time seems to be about 3-4 months)
Step 6: Once your dossier is approved by IBESR you enter Parquet
Step 7: Enter courts for 2nd Legal- This is where your child or children legally become yours in Haiti!
Step 8: Application for the child's Haitian Passport which starts at Ministry Of Interior (MOI) and then to
Passports for printing
Step 9: While the passport application is in the works your I-600 (your I-600A should have already been
done during your wait, please see I-600A post) should be completed and approved.
Step 10: Visa application is filed and adoptive parents appointment in Haiti to receive the visa is schedualed.

Congratulations, It's time to bring home your child!!!

Again, this is just a bit of a rough draft as it does seem to change often but will hopefully give you an idea of the steps.


Michele said...

Hi Angela,
My family is doing an independent adoption in Haiti and I'm trying to
get a sense of who is responsible for moving the dossier along at each
step of the process. Since most adoption facilitators and crèche
directors work with lawyers, I assume the facilitator does some things
and only the lawyer can do other things. For example, does the
facilitator/director or lawyer present our dossier to Ministry of
Exterior affairs (1st legal)? And who presents it to IBESR, parquet,
MOI, passports, visa? the lawyer or the facilitator/director or are
they interchangeable? Basically, I'd like to know: what parts does
the lawyer do and what parts does the facilitator do? Any light
anyone can shed on this issue would be most appreciated. Thank you so

Angela said...

Hi Michele,

That is a really great question and I unfortunatly do not know the answer. Sorry. The director of the orphanages we are adopting from- New Life Link, and Hope For the children of Haiti- just happens to also be a lawyer as well.

It does seem from reading about others experiences that a lot of the work is done by the directors and staff of the orphanages. I'm not sure what exact role the lawyer plays although I'm sure it's an important one.

If anyone reading the blog does no please feel free to reply in the comments section. If I find out an answer I promise I will update this response.

Sorry I can not be more help with this question but if you have any other questions or ways that I can help please let me know. My email is angnjim@sbcglobal.net . Congratulations on your adoption!

Joyfully, Angela

Anonymous said...

I have just returned from Quanaminthe Haiti in a missionary video journalist role. The children from the orphanage I visited have changed my life forever. I have vowed to do what I can for this small and struggling city. I've also started a blog for others to walk through my continued "serving" journey:

To make a long story short, my husband have also begun the long and confusing process of adoption for two of the children in this orphanage. We have 100% compliance with the orphange (who by the way is not really set up for adoption process, but has allowed my husband and I to move forward considering some circumstances I can explain via email.) Can you please contact me when you have a moment of free time? I'm really in need to talk with someone. ewheart@aol.com

Thank you so much. You are a blessing to me!

Martha Walker