Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Dossier is gathered...what now?

Congratulations on completing the biggest chunk of your part of the adoption (other then raising your child of course!). Now that all your paperwork is complete there are just a few steps to complete before sending it off to Haiti. Here are the requirements according to the orphanage we adopted from, but you may want to check with your agency/orphanage to see if they have the same process.

Once your documents are gathered, the following four (4) documents must be certified by your Secretary of State. Contact that office for instructions.
2-Psychological evaluation
3-Letter to the IBESR
4-Power of Attorney

When the certifications come back your dossier must be translated. All documents except for the bank statements, tax returns and lab reports must be translated into French and certified by the translator. Our orphanage staff translated the whole dossier into French in Haiti for $500. However, many people have recommended Deborah Blaz, who can be contacted at blazm@yahoo.com. She has translated over 150 dossiers for Haitian adoptions and at the time of this writing she charges $250. Please contact her directly if you wish to use her services. You may also find your own translator.

After the translation is done, the same four documents that were certified must be sent to the Haitian Consulate for authentication. The Haitian Consulate charges $25 per document.

Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti
220 South State Street, Suite 2110
Chicago, IL 60604

Once you receive these documents from the Haitian Consulate they are ready to mail off to Haiti!


Vicki Jean said...

I am an American from Texas living and working in Haiti at an orphanage for the next two years. I was given your website by another couple that are interested in adopting some twins from our home. God Bless you for your big heart and your wonderful websites. I have so much enjoyed them. Please contact me as I have some questions to ask. VJPierce@gmail.com My prayers are with you and your children that are still here.

Jenny said...

Angela....I think you are awesome. I stumbled upon (ie.God led me) to your blog and it was just what I needed. My husband and I live in Illinois, we have 4 beautiful daughters and having been working on domestic adoption license. We just recently were drawn to Haiti and are both feeling like this is the right decision for our family. I am not going to use an agency but my sister, who has adopted twice from Guatemala is going to help us. This blog is the perfect tool for us. God bless you for doing it. We sound like we have a lot in common, I am crazy to and always look for the fun in everything! Thanks for being you! jenny bland

Isa said...

Congrats on your blog! My name is Isabelle, I live in France and am the happy mother of Erlanda, adopted 2 years ago in Haïti. I work as a free-lance translator and have translated over 50 adoption dossiers into French last year - I work for several adoption agencies, including Bethany Christian Services, and also directly for families. I work on a very short deadline and return all dossiers translated within 5 working days, and charge 440 us $ per dossier. I would appreciate that you pass my details around. My email address is igallema@club-internet.fr.
Thanks a lot


Chuck & Rob said...

My wife and I are at the point of getting the certifications before the translation. I have a question, I know the four documents need to be translated and you mention that everything except bank statements, etc. need to be translated. But then the four things need to be sent to the consulate. If only the four things need to be sent to the consulate - why does everything else need to be translated?

Angela said...

It is true that just the 4 documents will need to be sent to the consulate. However, all of the gathered paperwork, referred to as your dossier, will be sent to Haiti where the Haitian government will review it in French.