Friday, March 9, 2007

Getting Started--The very 1st steps

If you have not done so already, please read the introduction post on this site for some great tips on getting recommendations and support. In this post I will assume you have chosen an orphanage to work with, and an agency or independent Social Worker (if your state law allows) to do your home study. Let's get started with working on your dossier. What is a dossier you ask?... it's simply a word to describe the personal paperwork you need to gather and send to the orphanage. Your child(ren) will also have a dossier that the orphanage will take care of. Start gathering the things that make sense from this list and the more difficult ones I will expand on and give examples of in future posts. If you can't wait that long feel free to email me at with your questions.

Here is a great place to get started and should keep you busy for a while:

Dossier Checklist- Keep in mind this is pretty generic but check with your orphanage to find out if there are any differences, in the meantime this should help you get started...

Letter of formal request for adoption (addressed to: Director of IBESR)
Birth Certificate for adopting Father
Birth Certificate for adopting Mother
Marriage License (if you have had previous marriages you only need your current license)
Divorce Decree (for any previous marriages)
Employer Letter (His)
Employer Letter (Hers)
Bank Letter
Copy of last 3 years taxes
Medical Exam and test results (His)
Medical Exam and test results (Hers)- I will go into more detail soon with advice about this
Police Clearance (His)
Police Clearance (Hers)
Psychological Exam (His)
Psychological Exam (Hers)- will go into more detail soon
Home Study
I-171H approval - will go into more detail soon but you can send your dossier ahead without this
Letters of references (3 sources non related) Keep these brief as they will need to be translated
Power of attorney to______ Check with your orphanage on who to give P.O.A to
Four Copies of passport photo's (His)
Four Copies of passport photo's (Hers) Don't forget to get a couple extra each if you need passports

I will go into more detail about many common questions about some of these soon. If you need answers right away go ahead and email me! Keep in mind that everything on this list needs to be notarized except for your tax return and I-171H. I will give more advice on notary soon as well.

Joyfully, Angela

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