Friday, March 23, 2007

Great Creole resource update

I recently posted suggestions for learning Creole but I just found a new favorite! It's a book and CD called Simple Language for Adoptive Families and can be ordered from this website .

Things I love about it:
It's small and light weight but durable so I can take it just about anywhere. It's broken up into really great sections which will make finding just the words I need so much easier when our kids are home and I can't think of what I'm trying to say. The way the book is made you can use it like flash cards as far as the english translation on one side and you can fold back the creole words or vice versa to test yourself. The words and phrases are extremely helpfull and include usefull phrases that were not in my other resources. I really like the CD too because it is high quality recording and the words are said very clearly in English and then repeated slowly twice in Creole giving you a chance to say it over and over before moving on!
Just fantastic! I'm sure it will prove to be a huge blessing to many families. We have just had it this week and have already been through it over and over again!

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Terena said...

You write very well.