Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great benefits to using an Agency!

So, this blog is pretty much written for those who find themselves in a situation where it seems like independent adoption is the only way they can afford to adopt. I in no way mean to imply that you should not very seriously consider using an Agency with a great reputation. So I contacted an agent and asked her to share with us the many benefits of using an agency and what they do for you. In my opinion... if you have the money, and /or you don't have A LOT of time to invest, or you are feeling unsure of doing the adoption independently- you should certainly consider an Agency.

For two years now I have been on Haiti adoption chat sites where I have heard nothing but absolutely wonderful things about this agent. So I contacted her and asked her to share with us. This is what she had to say:

Well....the benefits of using an agency is usually:

Someone to help with paper chase

Someone to Translate, Authenticate and State Certify your documents for you

Communicate with the USCIS, US Government and Haitian government for you.

Communicate with your Haitian contact so you don't have to worry about it or spend the money doing it. As well as more frequent updates on dossier status.

Be with you to answer questions on paperwork thru out the process

Someone to hook you up with necessary resources available that many do not know about

Agencies have access to information before it is known by the general population

We have a vast network of agencies called the JCICS (Joint Council of International Children's Services.) When you are a member agency it gives you access to more information and ability to network for the adoptive family quickly.

Someone who has been there and done that to understand and sympathize during the long process.

I myself understand the cost of using an agency is prohibitive. If I had my way it would be MUCH cheaper or pretty much free. :-P My boss gets mad at me for 'giving the milk away for free' all the time.

Heritage is www.heritageadoption.org
I run the Haiti Link program, the other is currently A Child's Hope Foundation.
MY number is 208.412.0788 for my cell. Also feel free to paste my email at thehaitilady@hotmail.com or thehaitilady@heritageadoption.org

ACHF does not require religious affiliation, but has some really different and strict requirements for their program. (No singles etc and couple must be approved by several levels of people to adopt from there.) It may be like that for other agencies that may work with Dr. B, but I do the approval since I know him so well and if I have a question I can ask him and then let them know.

One way we are different (better hehehe) than most, we have been to Haiti several times, have kids from there and view it NOT as a job, but a CALLING. I am called by God to help the children of Haiti find good homes and to work my hardest for the families who ask me to. I make myself available to families night and day...ask them if I have business hours. hehe

Thank you for including me..I really appreciate it!
Love ya,

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, pray for powers equal to your task. -Phillips Brooks

LeAnne "The Haiti Lady" KovickHaiti Link Program CoordinatorHeritage Adoption Services10011 SE. Division Suite 314Portland, OR 97266Office: 503.233.1099Home: 208.454.1856Cell: 208.412.0788

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