Sunday, March 25, 2007

Okay, I KNOW it's not "Logical"!!!-- UPDATED

Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie's little brother Vilner: Will his mother want him to be adopted as well?
Jacques snuggling with a little girl at the orphanage. How could we not love him? :)

You don't need to tell me we are crazy. I already know about that! When we prayed about adopting Lovenie we had no idea that she had siblings. The very idea of adopting this young disabled girl considering my health and our financial circumstances at the time made NO SENCE at all! However, God called us to it and had never been more clear about anything before. While working on the adoption paperwork for Lovenie I felt like God kept telling me that there was a sibling we were supposed to adopt. This was a nagging feeling that just wouldn't go away but I knew that Lovenie didn't have siblings in the orphanage. A few months later we found out she had not only one but two siblings on an adoption waiting list as they could not even get into the orphanage. We KNEW without any doubt that God was calling us to adopt them too. How could we do this?? Again.. It just didn't seem logical, but God confirmed it and confirmed it and we should have them all home very soon! We already couldn't imagine our life without them.
So here's where it gets really crazy... God has brought a teenager into our lives that I have become unexplainably attached to. Now some people can explain this away as emotions but I see and even interact with many other orphans that do not have a home yet and while I pray that they find a home I do not feel that we are called to be their family. However, with this boy the feeling is overwelming! His name is Jacques and his story is on a post on my other blog at (March 21st post) with two other teen boys looking for a home. I can't explain the intense love I feel for this boy. I would never imagine feeling this way about a teenage son and could never have imagined considering it. Jim and I are talking about him and praying and asking God to make it really clear if we are to be his family. We do not feel that God has given us a clear answer so we will continue to pray until He does. I have prayed that God would take away this desire if it is not His will but instead of taking it away He has made it stronger and stronger until I can think of almost nothing else (just as He did with Lovenie). On top of all of this... Our children have a baby brother we just found out about. We are wondering if the birth mom will want him to be adopted as well. SO... we are currently praying about wisdom on adopting a 15 year old and 1 year old at the same time. If anyone would have told me that we would be considering this there is no way I would have believed you! I told my husband I wanted one or two children when we got married. :) We just want to follow God's plan for our life and the lives of these children. Please be praying for our family as we wait on the Lord for answers!
UPDATE 4/4/2007- For anyone wondering how this turned out.. a couple days ago my husband spoke with the director of the orphanage and we committed to the adoption of both of these boys! So for anyone trying to keep track here is our tally:
3 bio sons ages 8,6, and 3
3 siblings we are adopting from Haiti ages 11, 9, and 2- Currently in 2nd legal
1 little brother of the above siblings age 1
1 teenager not related to above siblings, unsure of his age somewhere between 13-15?


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