Saturday, March 24, 2007

Power of Attorney

Here is an example of our power of attorney. When completed this needs to be notarized, authenticated/certified at the Secretary of State and Apostiled at the Haitian Consulate.

Here's an example of ours:

We, (your names here) do make, constitute and appoint (name your orphanage wants you to give power of attorney to here) our true and lawful Attorney-in-fact with full authority to act and in our behalf as follows:

To obtain all documents, items and things which are necessary and to take any and all action which is required to issue an immigrant visa and adopt orphans according to the laws of Haiti and the United States of America, State of (your state here).

We hereby give and grant unto our Attorney-in-fact full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and things whatsoever required and necessary to be done and accomplish the above stated purposes, as fully we might or could do if we were personally present, and we hereby ratify and confirm all that said Attorney-in-fact shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of this power.

No third party shall have any duty to inquire into the authority of our Attorney-in-Fact to take any action as set forth herein. We hereby release any and all persons for actions taken in compliance with and in reliance on directions of our Attorney-in-Fact.

It is intended that this special power of attorney shall continue to be effective until such time as care, custody and property of said orphans is transferred from my Attorney-in-Fact to us.

(If adoptive parents are married both sign on the line above, don't forget to wait to sign until in front of a notary)


Maria said...

How did you go about picking out an attorney? Did you use the list that the US Embassy provides or go by word of mouth?

Angela said...


If you are adopting through an orphanage that does adoptions then they already work with a lawyer and you will not need to worry about finding one. If not, a great place to start would be to ask on Haitian adoption chat sites. Or you could try contacting other orphanages to see if they would be willing to take on your paper work. We adopted through New Life Link with the help of Dr. Jacob Bernard. I know he has taken on files of children other then just the ones in his orphanage before. Not sure he still is doing that but it would be a start. Maybe he can refer you one if he can't help.