Saturday, March 10, 2007

Letter of Formal Request to adopt- for your dossier

I remember this being a letter that I had no idea where to begin with! So, I thought I would share what we wrote in ours. Obviously your information would be different but at least this might give you an idea of what to write and who to direct it to. In hind site- I should probably kept it shorter since it will need to be translated into french down the road. Anyways... Here it is:

Your full name
street address
city, state, zip code

Director of IBESR
Port- Au- Prince


Dear Director,

We are interested in adopting three siblings from your country. We currently have three sons ages 2, 4, and 6. We are excited about the idea of our family growing and have received a lot of support in this from our family and friends. We are a very loving family that knows the importance of spending time together and making sure that every member of our family knows they are loved.

James is a Chemical Engineer and Process Manager for an Anodize company where his salary is $________ a year plus bonuses which makes his Salary potential over $_______. He has been with the company for a total of 8 years. Angela is a stay at home Mom and home schools our school age children. She plans to be home giving her love and attention to the new children that we would like to add to our family as well.

We are very actively involved with teaching and caring for the children in our church. Jim is the Coordinator and lead teacher of the classes for two year olds and Angela is a teacher for 4th and 5th grade children. We love these kids and are very invested in them. We have a lot of experience caring for children from being parents of three children, we have 9 nephews and nieces, and have taken care of many friend's children, as well as teaching many children at church.

We would like to request approval to adopt three children from Haiti. We would be very honored to bring children from your country into our lives and home. We have been studying your country with a desire to understand and embrace your culture. We would like for the children we adopt to continue to know and love Haiti as well as incorporate some of your culture, language, and traditions in our home and family.


Your name typed here
your signatures above---- do not sign until in front of a notary!!!

This letter will be notarized and later certified/authenticated by the Secretary of State

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