Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What is IBESR?

Once you get on the chat sites you will see this acronym being thrown around a lot and a lot of people excitedly stating that they are OUT of it. :) So what's this all about?? This question came up on the Haitian Angels chat site today so I thought I would share it while I'm thinking about it and have some information on hand.

This won't help much unless you speak French but what IBESR stands for is "Institut du BienEtre Social et de Recherches" . There that should clear that question up! Just kidding:) You may also hear of this part of the process as the Big Black Hole. Here is a great description of it's purpose that was posted on HA: Its french for the the equivalent of the department of family and children's services, and are responsible for approving each international adoption and ensuring that the adoptive family meets criteria, that the child is eligible for adoption, and that the adoption itself is legitimate, according to Haiti's adoption legislation of 1974.

During the time that we (and many others) hit the point of getting into IBESR it had allegedly a very corrupt director who had since been removed from his position and replaced. Many of our files were held up first by him and then because of the delay of getting a new director, getting her trained, and then she had to play a lot of catch up. Since she has been in the position everyone seems to be very pleased and the process has really picked up with much shorter wait times and frustrations for people now in or going into IBESR. It may even lose it's other title as the Big Black Hole if she keeps up the good job!

For much more information that will especially be priceless once your paper work hits the step of IBESR... A very helpful and smart adoptive mom started an unofficial IBESR blog. It's fantastic! It gives updated information about IBESR and any changes as well as giving file #'s that she knows of (from chat sites and being told by the adoptive parents) that come out of IBESR. It is so exciting to watch and see the numbers close to your file number getting out and knowing that your time may be coming soon. Here is her blog:

Getting out of IBESR is exciting because it usually signifies the beginning of the end of the adoption!


Trina said...

First, thanks for your blog. I have not found other website that discuss the various stages of the process or travel to Haiti in the detail that you do.

I'm new, so can you talk about the various stages of the Haitian adoption process? (for example, does the dossier go to the IBESR process first? I've also heard of a "legal" process and an MOI process, but don't know what happens in these processes and when they occur.)

Thanks, Trina

Angela said...

Hi Trina,

Thanks for your compliment on my blog. I'm glad you have enjoyed it. Per your request I will add a new post right now that will include what I understand to be the current steps of the process. You can find it posted on May 15,2007 post. I hope it is helpful.

Joyfully, Angela

Sallymander said...

this somewhat answers the question i just asked you. :o) thanks!

Tanya McB said...

Wow, thank you so much! We are just starting the whole process and I kept seeing IBESR, with no explanation as to what it stood for. I am looking forward to cruising your blog and the helpful links you've included.
Bookmark - check! :) Tanya